New Carpet For Sale ; New Carpet For Home (Star Design)

Here there is a new carpet for sale and this new carpet is suitable for any decorations. This persian carpet (Star design with mouse-colour), in addition to its elegance in design, also has the highest quality of raw materials.

  • %100 acrylic heat set
  • 3000 density
  • 1050 reeds

You can see more photos of this new carpet in the following. We also recommend you to see other designs of our carpets.

New Carpet For Sale

Carpet of Star design at home decorations ( Iranian rug )

We tried to simulate this new carpet for sale (mouse-colour star design) with a variety of decorations as well as different angles and colors so you can make a better decision; You can also take a picture of your home decoration and send it to us to simulate it with this Iranian rug.

New Carpet For Sale at home decoration
New Carpet For Sale at decoration
New Carpet For Sale at house decoration

Samples of this woven new carpet for sale with Star design

Here you can see this woven new carpet for sale. Other colors of Star design are also listed below:

  • Star Cream Carpet
  • Star Black Carpet
  • Star Blue Carpet

Click on any photo and view the images by zooming in.

New Carpet For Sale - woven carpet
New Woven Carpet
New Woven Carpet For Sale

machine woven carpet dimensions of Iran

Width & Length of area carpetsdimensions
width: 3 & Length: 4121
width: 2/5 & Length: 3/592
width: 2 & Length: 363
width: 1/5 & Length: 2/25 OR width: 1 & Length: 444
width: 1 & Length: 335
width: 1 & Length: 226
width: 1 & Length: 1/51/57

Price of Iranian rug ( online carpet store )

Our carpet factory is located in Iran. If you are planning to purchase any of our carpet area rugs online, contact us to inform you about the price of the carpet and how to send it.

Quality specifications, reeds & density of persian carpets

Reeds, density and actual color number

1) reeds & density of this room carpet:

Reeds is actually the number of knots in the width of rug and density is the number of knots in the length of rug.

The actual reeds of this room carpet is 1050 with 3000 density. The number of knot per square meter is also 1050000 knots.

2) number of colors:

The number of actual colors used in this persian carpet (Star design) is 8.

yarn specification of new carpet for sale

1) Weight & pile length of new carpet for sale:

Pile length of this new carpet for sale (carpet thickness) are 8/5±1 mm. The total weight of this Iranian rug is about 43 kilograms, which is about 6.3 kilograms per square meter.

2) Pile yarn, warp yarn, weft yarn:

  • Pile yarn: 100% acrylic heat set
  • Warp yarn: cotton polyester
  • Weft yarn: filament

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Black colour
Cream colour
Blue colour

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